About me


My research interests lie in surfaces sciences and micro/nanoengineering, with hands-on expertise in aerosols, wetting and catalytic coatings. My broader interests include sustainability, education and technology policy.

Outside of work, I like to sing and play ultimate frisbee.

  • December 2018: Joined Donaldson Company as Sr. Research Engineer in Media Technology R&D.
  • November 2018: Gallery of Fluid Motion Award Winner at APS – Division of Fluid Dynamics.
  • July 2018: Doctoral thesis defended at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, MIT.
  • January 2018: Invited to give a Plenary Feature Talk at the Microsystems Annual Research Conference at Bretton Woods, NH.
  • September 2017:  Work on Visible light induced wetting mentioned in ASME Smartbrief.
  • April 2017:  Work on Visible light induced wetting mentioned in MIT news and in Phys.org.
  • December 2015:  MIT Water Summit highlighted in MIT news.